Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A young wife living with five husbands

Rajo Verma has five husbands who are all brothers .She is sleeping with a different one every night without any restriction. She is treating all husbands as a same manner. Now She has a 18 month old son although Verma is also not sure which one fathered . After Verma and first husband Guddu were married four years ago, she has united with Baiju, Sant Ram, Gopal and Dinesh.  Baiju is the oldest at 32, while Dinesh is the youngest at 19. The seven of them live in one room in Dehradun.
Although they all have sleeping with her first husband is not jealous with each other. First husband Guddu believes that they can live as one big happy family.This unusual marriage has happened in support of an ancient tradition called polyandry.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anusha Sonali speaks about her

The prisoner riot at Welikada Prison had been led by Malan. This person had identified and introduced as the first husband of film actress Anusha Sonali by the media. Anusha Sonali is a very famous actress. She is being dissatisfied in order to the reports published on the media.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Remarkable role on the film, Karma: Michelle Herft

Karma is a film focused on a women diagnosed with a cancer. Michelle Herft is playing a remarkable role as Amanda, diagnosed with breast cancer. Amanda’s lover begins to gradually lose interest in her after knowing about the cancer.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wathsala Diyalagodaand Buwini Diyalagoda

Wathsala Diyalagoda and Buvini Diyalagoda are Teledrama Actresses.Both of them have been very famous characters in teledramas. Wathsala is contributed with Ama teledrama broadcasting on ITN these days. she is acting as Binuri on that tele drama. In the same time she has contributed with “Gini mada sakman teledrama”. Younger sister is being acting on Millawa walawwa” Teledrama. Wathsala Diyalagoda was very popular from Muthukirilli Teledrama .Both of these sisters are developed their life from their own abilities.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Miss World Sri Lanka 2012 ,Sumudu Prasadini

Miss World Sri Lanka 2012, Sumudu Prasadini is a professional model and an actress in Sri Lanka. her home town is Kurunegala. Apart from being an actress, Prasadini is also interested in athletics, drama and fashion designing and most of the time she designs her own clothes. Sumudu has said she had not any political background to achieve her victories. She was very happy to got a chance to participate miss world 2012 .She was able to win 26th place of top models among 127 countries.She believes she has never followed a bad routing to obtain such a position although she could have many opportunities. She rejected many proposals from croesuses. She has still protected her character. She says she has lot of restrictions because she has come from a village.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Popular Actress -Udayanthi Kulathunga

Udayanthi Kulathunge has won a award for Best upcoming actress in order to her talents in Mahindagamanaya film at the ‘Derana Lux Film Awards’ held at Musaeus College Auditorium on September 14 . She has contributed for popular films Mahindagamanaya, Sinhawalokanaya and Color.
Because of this award she has been very popular in these days. She is a humble character although she won such awards.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Miss Sri Lanka 2012-Sabrina Herft

She is a Sri Lankan although it seems as a foreign lady because of her name.She was very popular just after her victory on miss Sri Lanka.Sabrina Herft was crowned Siyatha Lux Miss Sri Lanka 2012 and she is going to represent Sri Lanka at 2012 Miss Universe.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chathurika Peris talks about her life

Chathurika Peris is a talented and popular actress in Sri Lanka. She has played major role of films as well as tele dramas. She said that she is a very simple character. She has contributed to popular films, ‘Hiripoda Wessa’, ‘Machan’ and ‘Nildiya Yahana’. She has become as a teledrama producer with co-producing ‘Sihina Kumari’ teledrama.Chathurika Peiris has engaged with Roshan Pilapitiya in 2009 but their wedding is not so far taken.Although there was Lot of rumors about Chaturika Peris .She said that she didn’t care about all those.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cricketers with actresses -Night party

There was a night party at a five star hotel in Colombo. Some media has reported that Sri Lanka Premier League players and Sri lankan famous actress Nadeesha Hemamali participated for this event.Lot of people including spark are criticizing about this type of parties. There should be restriction if we really want develop cricket. Otherwise cricket will not be developed as we expected. But now all the feature of sports has changed. Players are sold with money. Under such a Situation no one is needed to be worry.Premier League has started at the R. Premadasa International Cricket stadium, on August 11